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    Team White Goalies 1 Trevor Osborne G 1998 5'11 175 Iowa Wild AAA 33 Mike Leach G 1999 6' 185 CPC 35 Dorian Laganiere G 1998  6'1  180  Sherwood Park Defence 2 Cade Townend LD 1999 6'1 2000 CPC 3 Adam Pilotte RD 1997 5'10 180 CPC 4 Roddie Sandilandas LD 1999 6'1 175 Cornwall…

College Hockey Combine is proud to announce its 4th Summer Combine at the Beckwith Recreation Complex this year from June 16-18, 2017, for birth years 2001-1997.


Our combine is unrivaled by any other summer hockey options, because of the unique setup that we provide the players. All players will be put thru a physical fitness test with all results being complied on the players College Hockey Combine resume.  At the conclusion of this camp the NCAA schools in attendance will be provided with each players CHC resume compiling of the players academic info and fitness test results. While summer tournaments have been the common route taken by bantam and midget players for years in an effort to be recruited by college coaches, our combine showcases is an alternate method.  We place you ON THE ICE with those very same NCAA coaches you hope to catch a glimpse of you at a large tournament.  Each day, the  NCAA Division One coaches will be running practise and coaching the games. This set up will allow for personal relationships to be formed with our CHC players and Division One coaches.

The overall mission of our College Hockey Combine is to provide the players with direct exposure over the four days, where college coaches can be on ice-level with the recruits in the morning, and behind the bench during gameplay in the afternoon.