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Due to COVID the camp has been postponed. We are working with the facility and the NCAA coaches to have another date in August. If we cant get a date we will refund all participants.
Please check this website for updates.

Unfortunately we have had to push back the 2020 CHC due to the boarders being closed until June 21.

The camp was originally to take place on June 19 to 21. We are working with the NCAA schools and the Beckwith Arena to come up with another date. We will have an update on July 1 st with a new date in late July or early August. If a date can not be reached, refunds will be issued to all participants at that time.

We thank you for your patients during this difficult time.


College Hockey Combine staff are pleased to announce that the camp will be taking place June 19-21 2020 in Carleton Place ont, at the Beckwith Recreation Complex.

NCAA Schools will be announced as they commit to the weekend.

Sign up now and reserve your spot……camp is limited. Don’t miss out!

“College Hockey Combine is very pleased to announce that Mike Snee, Executive Director of College Hockey Inc has given his full endorsement to our camp, “said Clarke.

“We are excited about the College Hockey Combines in Carleton Place. College Hockey Combine is providing great opportunities for aspiring young Canadian hockey players that want to reach their full potential both on and off the ice.  Good luck to all participants!”

MIKE SNEEExecutive Director

College Hockey Inc

In just six years of existence, College Hockey Inc. has helped impact NCAA Division I men’s college hockey through extensive marketing and informational efforts designed to raise the sport’s profile and to encourage elite young players to pursue a college hockey career.

The entity is operated under the auspices of a 12-member Board of Directors. It works closely with the commissioners of the six Division I men’s hockey conferences and the coaching staffs and administrations of the 60 Division I programs. The organization was made possible by resources provided by USA Hockey, through a grant from the National Hockey League.

College Hockey Inc. has reached thousands of young players and their families to promote the college hockey experience through grassroots and mass communications initiatives. Foremost among these efforts are our College Hockey Summits, gatherings of up to 75 top players in cities across North America that inform the players and their parents about college hockey and introduce them to some of the sport’s coaches.

Feedback from those sessions has been overwhelmingly positive. Former college players currently in the NHL often participate to talk about their undergraduate experiences.

“We can definitely attest that CHI is instrumental in moving players towards their goals.” – Parent in California

Whether addressing individual teams or large groups, the message is the same: the college hockey experience is the best in the world, thanks to an elite on-ice product, outstanding educational opportunities and the unique campus environment.

In the 2013-14 season a record 305 NHL players came from college hockey backgrounds, making college hockey the fastest growing development path to the NHL and a bigger source of talent than all of Europe. College Hockey Inc.’s message highlights the success of those players to illustrate that college hockey is a proven path to the NHL