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CHC SERVICES FOR THE ELITE ATHLETE         We can help by navigating the recruiting and application process.  There are vital components of the process that are necessary to reach your goals. Let us help you in your quest to become at NCAA athlete.
    We offer guidance in:

  • Best paths to achieve goals- what’s important, what’s not ( grades 9-12)
  • Guidance on how to separate the student athlete from the pack
  • Finding the best fit school and hockey program to help player achieve his goals
  • What you need to know about Scholarships and Financial Aid- DI and DIII
  • Leveraging athletic talent in the admissions process at elite colleges ( IVY’s and NESCAC’s)
  • Admission to elite colleges – strategies for the Academic Index: course selection and tests
  • NCAA rules and regulations, NCAA clearinghouse
  • Best use of NCAA rules of contact with coaches
  • Compile Student athlete resume
  • Produce your player video


  •      Important strategies for maintaining and interpreting contact with coaches
  •      Identify and prepare for final opportunities to be seen
  •      Complete application review


  •       The critical Junior year – make the most of it
  •        Course selection and College Board testing
  •        Develop a program for contact with coaches
  •        NCAA clearinghouse
  •        Selection of recruiting events and venues

  GRADE 9-10

  •       Guidance on course selection
  •        Program for academic test preparation
  •        Athletic focus and development- best programs, training, recruiting opportunities
  •        Selection of recruiting events and venues
  •        What contact with coaches is allowed?  Best strategies.
  •        IVY’s and NESCAC’s- lay the groundwork for an outstanding application